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  • National, Regional and Sector Diagnostic Studies - Internationalization, Marketing, Environment, Public Administration.
  • Projects for Economic, Social, Cultural and Environmental Design and Development - whose concerns are developing projects to improve all the evolvement.


  • Financial - Support for Financial Management, Accounting and Tax
  • investment - Support for the Definition of Investments, Feasibility Study, Counseling and Negotiating Financing Operations.
  • Marketing - Helping the Client in the Analysis, Planning, Implementation and Monitoring of Strategy and Operations for the Product, Price, Communication and Distribution.
  • Location and Relocation of Business - Studying the best place for the customer to install and help in meeting all the necessary formalities.
  • Profiles and industrial layouts - Assisting the Customer in the establishment of better organization and scaling of its production area.
  • Models for Organization and Management - Helping to organize the Client's Company, functionally and in accordance with the strategic objectives (eg Organization, Planning Meeting, Functions Description).
  • Quality and Environment - Diagnosis, Implementation, Support for the Certification and Licensing.


  • Export - Import and Export Support, Preparation of Overseas Visits (identify potential customers in the markets and watching the actions of Promotion on those); and Trade Fairs, Transport Management, Analysis of Insurance, Inspection and Certification; Credit and Insurance Solutions.
  • Procurement - Finding in the world, for the customer, the best products, the best partners in the best conditions.
  • Internationalization - Helping clients to identify the best way and time to move forward at this time.
  • Partnerships - Finding the best partner for the development of projects from the clients.


  • Technical Assistance:
    • Industrial Machinery and Equipments - Helping to ensure the functioning in perfect conditions of the means of production of the clients.
  • Training:
    • Management - Transferring skills to a more competitive business world and in constant change.
    • Communication - Teaching to use the best and most updated means and ways to communicate.
    • Information Technology - Awakening and training on all potential solutions for this communication infrastructure.
    • Environment - Building the skills at the level of one of the variables that has increasingly come to assume greater relevance in the Business Strategies.


  • Sourcing:
    • National, Communitarian and International Programs, - Identifying opportunities to support the financing and or facilitate initiatives for the Client.
  • Project:
    • Application, Management and Project Monitoring - Operational support and support the initiatives of the Customer.